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American ban on vaginal mesh implants

On 22 April 2019 Miranda Walburg was interviewed about the ban in the US on vaginal mesh implants.

The American healthcare watchdog FDA has ordered the manufacturers of all surgical mesh products to stop manufacturing and selling their products immediately. These implants are used for the repair of pelvic organ prolapse. The products are also used in women in the Netherlands and can cause serious, permanent symptoms. According to the FDA, long-term efficacy and complications have been insufficiently researched. This makes the product unsafe.

Click here to watch the 22 April interview (in Dutch), in which Miranda Walburg explained why a Dutch ban on these mesh implants is likely to follow soon. She also referred to a document showing that the raw material used for the implants, polypropylene, is not suitable for medical application:

‘MEDICAL APPLICATION CAUTION: Do not use this Polypropylene material in medical applications involving permanent implantation in the human body or permanent contact with internal body fluids or tissues.’

The TV show Radar interviewed John Beer earlier, in November 2018 about the (un)safety of medical implants (in Dutch).

If you have any questions, please contact Miranda Walburg.